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I replaced the power switch with one having a higher current rating 30A vice 20A and after a few weeks the unit began to emit a burning electrical smell. A search on the net revealed that this is a common problem. It could be a fire hazard.

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But a more careful reading of Dionysius shows that the anointing of Myron does not refer exclusively to T F the completion of baptism, but also to the consecration of new church N U O buildings—implying that it is a sacrament that can stand on its own. Dumitru Staniloae, Teologia Dogmatica Ortodoxa, 2nd ed. For example, Staniloae considered that the iconodules of the eighth cen- tury could have explained better the relationship between Christ and the icon, and how the veneration passes on to the prototype, had they had the benefits of a fully explicit theology and terminology of the uncreated energies.

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Role play of stories is bewxre effective aid which contributes in building confidence in the child and allows exploration of different expressions, emotions and feelings. The teacher can use this as a chance to point out difficult words, language features and concepts.

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These coatings should reach specific levels of solvent resistance prior to being topcoated and prior to placing in service; the levels of solvent resistance necessary vary with the type of coating and the intended service. Rubbing with a cloth saturated with the appropriate solvent is one way to determine when a specific level of solvent resistance is reached. However, the level of solvent resistance by itself does not indicate full cure and some coatings become solvent resistant before they become sufficiently cured for service.