I was accompanied, in that visit, by my dear Muhammad bin Rasheed Al Zomea. Jaber Al Harmi, the editor in chief, as well as some other brothers there. However, some issues raised and time limit prevented that meeting. Nevertheless, there was another important event that was our meeting with our dear colleague, Mohsen bin Fahad Al Hajri. It should be mentioned that our dear colleague is characterized by his good manners, to say nothing of his wide knowledge of literature and culture. Due thanks go to Mr.

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Al-Sharq Newspaper and Al-Sharq Al-Awsat portal hereby publish summaries of research, studies and scientific analyzes issued by the Center on the most important events and hot topics on the regional and global levels. The memorandum was signed by Mr. Developments and hot issues in the region and the world and the Arab Islamic mindset. Following the signing of the agreement, Mr. Jaber Al-Haremi said that Al-Sharq newspaper is proud of this partnership and promises to do everything that can achieve the objectives of the Center.

He added that the Middle East is always working to support national institutions with a missionary role that goes hand in hand with the progress achieved by Qatar at all levels. Rashid bin Safar Al-Hajri said that the selection of Al-Sharq newspaper as a partner in this huge work was not coincidental but was chosen for its reputation, capabilities and enormous potential that made it one of the largest newspapers in the Gulf region and the Middle East.

In the near future to reflect the role of the Center at home and abroad, stressing the confidence of the Center in the newspaper Al-Sharq because of its enormous potential made us keen to establish a strong partnership with them. Al Hajri stated that the Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies is the first of its kind in the world due to its specialization in political dispute resolution and the management of negotiations and international mediation in all of the issues in the region and the world as a whole.

He also clarified that the Center was established to bridge a gap since the Middle East lacks such a type of centers. Al Hajri announced that the Center will be officially launched on June 1st, , adding that it is a great honor to launch that Center from Qatar as the Center includes a group of Arab and Muslim experts as well as academicians and former ministers in all its departments.

The Center will include, as for its management, a prominent political figure — whose name will be declared later — who has an international eminent status as he has been the former Prime Minister of one of the Islamic countries.

Al Hajri also added that the Center is part of the Qatari diplomacy which has achieved remarkable successes through the great roles it played on the regional and international levels. The Center is a real opportunity for all the Qataris to cope up with these successes. Taking into account the success of the Qatari diplomacy, Qatar has become a source of confidence for all countries in the world, particularly in regard to dispute resolution and international mediation.

Al Hajri stressed that what characterizes the Center is its monitoring, study and analysis of all the events taking place on the regional and international levels. The Center is currently working on obtaining international accreditation as it was accredited on Pennsylvania through the completion of 28 items of Pennsylvania specifications that should be met in research centers.

Furthermore, the Center has pursued his march to be present at all international levels. It is notable that Hague is an international center for institutions of peace making in the world.

It also includes the Headquarters of a large number of organizations working in that field. This academy has been approved in Britain and has been opened in London. He also clarified that a branch of the academy will be opened here in Qatar in early June of the current year. Al Hajri stressed that Al Sharq newspaper as well as Al Sharq E-portal will be the main platform for the dissemination of the news of the Center for Diplomatic Studies.

The news of the Center and any latest developments will exclusively be published on that portal. It is worth mentioning that the Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies is a strategic research center that was founded in Doha, November The Center is an independent institution which monitors and analyzes Gulf affairs and associated regional and international interactions. The Center is also specialized in the management and settlement of disputes, to say nothing of being a link between researchers, thinkers, and experts as well as administrators and decision makers.

The Center presents research and studies as well as providing specialized estimations and consultancy. The Center is also a guide for researchers and the concerned with accurate databases and integrated files. Show More The Diplomatic Academy A London-based academic institution that seeks to be a platform for scholars, researchers, and decision-makers from leaders, politicians and diplomats around the world to discuss and examine issues related to humanities, diplomacy and others.

It further seeks to provide appropriate solutions through seminars, studies, and international conferences.


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