God, he seems to be popular. Can I see his work? The program will be conducted by his daughter who has internalized his work and is also a doctor and instructor by profession. Okay, what would I learn in the program? Learn the science behind the food, cause of disease, pathway to health, connect with nature and methods to preserve ecology. Too good.

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Amrut Aahar

Khadar and Dr. Sarala, we, a group of individuals, who have experienced benefits of Siridhanya positive millets and heard from people who found relief from chronic and lifestyle diseases, are organizing the program in the middle of nature. Siri Jeevan brings the benefits of Dr. The focus of this package is to create awareness in the public, to avoid eating rice, wheat, maida, milk, sugar, sugar cane jaggery, and refined oils and start eating positive millets, the food of the future. Sarala daughter of Dr.



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