Construction[ edit ] The plates number anywhere from eight or ten to the hundreds depending on their size. The plates overlap, usually enough to guarantee full coverage even when moving around and fighting. The coat of plates is similar to several other armours such as lamellar , scale and brigandine. Unlike scale armour which has plates on the outside or splint armour in which plates can be inside or outside, a coat of plates has the plates on the inside of the foundation garment.

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Vudolar Armoured glove, from the mass graves, Visby] Cutting wounds were split into two groups, those which showed hacking evidence but finished at the bone and those which actually severed the bone were Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Thaddaeus Mercer rated it really liked it Jun 26, This one bisected his face, opening a crevice that ran from his left eye to his right jaw. King Valdemar appointed sheriffs to govern Visby and then set sail again. The island would be disputed over by the House of Mecklenburg and the Danish crown untilwhen Queen Margaret the daughter of the late King Valdemar officially claimed the island for Denmark. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

The final ones were found outside the gates of Visby, a walled city. Against them was an army of Gutes, mainly freemen and minor nobles. English Choose a language for shopping. Medieval Armour Excavated at Visby One of the most unsettling skulls is one where the victim had been hit nattle sharp blow right at the bridge of the nose. Battle of Wisby Jonathan rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Indeed, this seems to have been a major target.

To ask other readers questions about Armour from the Battle of Wisby,please sign up. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Very few weapons have been discovered, but it is likely that both sides used round and heater-type shields, spears, axes, billhookspikes and poleaxes. For example in more than one case where a single well aimed blow with a sword had been aimed at the upper legs and gone straight through both severing them instantly.

Bloody medieval warfare The Battle of Visby was fought in near the town of Visby on the island of Gotlandbetween the forces of the Danish king and the Gutnish country yeomen. Some had evidence of more than one lesser blow before the killer blow was used either in or after the battle. Another small blow to the right and back of the head may have been enough to turn him over onto his back. He was old enough—somewhere between 36 and 45 when he died. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Just a few were found still wearing minor bits of equipment such as skull with the mail coif still in position but many would have been very poorly equipped or armed. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. By the middle of the fourteenth century the town had encroached into rural areas, this fact and its membership of the Hanseatic League had separated the city from the rest of the island and this had caused much antagonism between the town dwellers and those who lived in the countryside.

Antagonism between the nattle dwellers and the Gutnish country yeomen heightened; the latter were defeated in battle indespite the aid of knights from Estonia. The first archeological excavations were done inled by Oscar Wilhelm Wennersten and master builder Nils Pettersson at the place now known as Korsbetningen in Visby, where the first mass grave from the battle viwby found. Retrieved 4 June Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

To save the city from a sacking, the inhabitants paid a large amount batrle their wealth to King Valdemar. Armour from the Battle of Wisby, by Bengt Thordeman The latter were also often used to finish off the wounded. Extensive archaeological investigations of the graves in and modern science have provided new knowledge of what happened. Return to Book Page.

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The Gutes of Gotland paid taxes to the King of Sweden, though the population of Visby was diverse and included people of Ruthenian descent, Danes, and Germans. Antagonism between the city dwellers and the Gutnish country yeomen heightened; the latter were defeated in battle in , despite the aid of knights from Estonia. Forces[ edit ] The Danish force was led by Valdemar IV of Denmark, and composed of Danish and German soldiers, many of them mercenaries from the Baltic coast of Germany, with recent experience in the various feuds and wars between the German and Scandinavian states. These men would have worn what was known as transitional armour , with iron or steel plates over vital areas and joints over a full suit of chain mail. The Gutes were commanded by an unknown leader, probably a minor noble with military experience, and the force composed mainly of other minor nobles, their retinues, and freemen. The ordinary freemen appear to have worn limited but still effective protection, with many excavated skeletons found wearing a chain-mail shirt or a coat of plates to protect the torso. Others may have worn a padded gambeson or a leather jerkin or coat, though these would not have survived decomposition in the ground after the battle.


Battle of Visby

Yorisar As can be seen in another section of this book, that is not so astounding after all. Finally another blade arced towards him. Armour from the Battle of Wisby: This league protected the economic interests of all cities within its membership along trade routes and each city had its own legal system and military force. Kean marked it arour to-read Jul 31, This extortion of contributions became a legendary event, although it cannot be confirmed to have taken place and, if so, the full details are still unclear.

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