Ironically the ideology that led to partition still thrives well in this country. In spite of all the clamoring by secularists that extremists like ISIS have nothing to do with religion, the book lays threadbare the theology that is at the heart of what motivates the faithful for Jihad. On the flip side, the book could have been much better edited. Fool prof thesis, academically researched and brilliantly narrated!! Puts an informed perspective to a little known topic in the English language!! My only problem is with the attitude of the hypothesis- it is not ready for any softness on the matter, or rationalize the issue with an contextual understanding!

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Quotes[ edit ] A case in which the English version of a major book by a renowned Muslim scholar, the fourth Rector of one of the greatest centres of Islamic learning in India, listing some of the mosques, including the Babri Masjid, which were built on the sites and foundations of temples, using their stones and structures, is found to have the tell-tale passages censored out; The book is said to have become difficult to get; Evasion, concealment, have become a national habit.

And they have terrible consequences It was a long, discursive book, I learnt, which began with descriptions of the geography, flora and fauna, languages, people and the regions of India. These were written for the Arabic speaking peoples, the book having been written in Arabic. A curious fact hit me in the face. Many of the persons who one would have normally expected to be knowledgeable about such publications were suddenly reluctant to recall this book.

I was told, in fact, that copies of the book had been removed, for instance from the Aligarh Muslim University Library. Some even suggested that a determined effort had been made three or four years ago to get back each and every copy of this book.

Each reference to each of these mosques having been constructed on the sites of temples with, as in the case of the mosque at Benaras, the stones of the very temple which was demolished for that very purpose have been censored out of the English version of the book! Each one of the passages on each one of the seven mosques! No accident that. Why would anyone bowdlerise the book of a major scholar in this way? About the removal of a book from libraries for political reasons. Hindu temples: What happened to them.

Volume I. Their real significance- and I dare say that they are but the smallest, most innocuous example that one can think of on the mosque-temple business-lies in the evasion and concealment they have spurred. I have it on good authority that the passages have been known for long, and well known to those who have been stoking the Babri Masjid issue. That is the significant thing; they have known them, and their impulse has been to conceal and bury rather than to ascertain the truth Those who proceed by such cynical calculations sow havoc for all of us, for Muslims, for Hindus, for all.

Those who remain silent in the face of such cynicism, such calculations help them sow the havoc. Will we shed our evasions and concealments? Will we at last learn to speak and face the whole truth? And yet I find in the majority judgement a fatal innocence The judgement quotes the proclamations from the Rig, Yajur and Atharva Vedas - about all human beings being one, about their being the children of the same Mother-Earth, about the yearnings that all of use be friends.

But it does not note that less than a mile from its building volumes upon volumes of fatwas are being sold and distributed which exhort Muslims never to trust Kafirs , never to allow them into their confidence; which tell them that their first duty and allegiance is to their religion and not to sundry laws It is not Gandhiji who needs to be convinced that Ishwar and Allah ar one. It is not Guru Gobind Singh who needs to be convinced that mandir and masjid, Puran and Quran are one.

The ones who need to be convinced that they are one - say, the ulema, or the Shahi Iman Arun Shourie in: India. The Ayodhya reference: The Supreme Court judgement and commentaries. Ayodhya and after: issues before Hindu society.

They rely on intimidation, It is exactly by tactics of this kind that an earlier book of Mr. Swarup - Understanding Islam Through Hadis - was put out of circulation November 27, , under the influence of the same intimidation the Delhi Administration declared that, contrary to what it had itself twice decreed, the book was not only objectionable, was deliberately and malicious so! Our response should be three fold. First, whenever an attempt such as this from quarters such as Mr.

Shahabuddin is made to stifle free speech, to kill even scholarly inquiry, we must go out of our way and immediately obtain the book Secondly, whenever the intimidators prevail and such a book actually comes to be banned large numbers should take to reprinting it, photocopying it, to circulating it, and discussing its contents. The third thing is more necessary, and in the long run will be the complete answer to the intimidators. As long as scholars like Mr.

Swarup are few, intimidators can bully weak governments into shutting them one by one. But what will they do if 1,, scholars are to do work of the same order? This is the way to deal with intimidators. Let 1, scholars carry on work Mr. Swarup has pioneered. Arun Shourie: " How should we respond? It has surreptitiously altered the aims and objectives of the Council, they shouted. As is their wont, they had sparked the commotion by giving wind to a concoction.

As is their wont too, they were charging others with planning to do in some undefined future what they had themselves been actually doing for decades — that is, write history to a purpose. Every allusion to what he actually did to the Hindus, to their temples, to the very leitmotif of his rule — to spread the sway of Islam — are directed to be excised from the book.

He is to be presented as one who had an aversion — an ordinary sort of aversion, almost a secular one — to music and dancing, to the presence of prostitutes in the court, and that it is these things he banished In a word, no forcible conversions, no massacres, no destruction of temples. Just that Hinduism had created an exploitative, casteist society.

Islam was egalitarian. Hence the oppressed Hindus embraced Islam! Muslim historians of those times are in raptures at the heap of kafirs who have been dispatched to hell. Muslim historians are forever lavishing praise on the ruler for the temples he has destroyed, for the hundreds of thousands he has got to see the light of Islam.

Law books like The Hedaya prescribe exactly the options to which these little textbooks alluded. All whitewashed away. Objective whitewash for objective history. The real crime of these eminences does not lie in the loss they have inflicted in terms of money.

It lies in the condition to which they have reduced institutions. It lies in their dereliction — because of which projects that were important for our country have languished. It lies even more in the use to which they have put those institutions.

They have used them to have a comfortable time, of course. But the worst of it is that they have used their control of these institutions to pervert public discourse, and thereby derail public policy. They have made India out to have been an empty land, filled by successive invaders.

They have made present-day India, and Hinduism even more so, out to be a zoo — an agglomeration of assorted, disparate specimens.

For this they have blackened the Hindu period of our history, and, as we shall see, strained to whitewash the Islamic period. Most of all, these intellectuals and the like have completely diverted public view from the activities in our own day of organizations like the Tabhligi jamaat and the Church which are exerting every nerve, and deploying uncounted resources to get their adherents to discard every practice and belief which they share with their Hindu neighbours.

These intellectuals and their patrons have worked a diabolic inversion: the inclusive religion, the pluralist spiritual search of our people and land, they have projected as intolerant, narrow-minded, obscurantist; and the exclusivist, totalitarian, revelatory religions and ideologies — Islam, Christianity, Marxism-Leninism — they have made out to be the epitomes of tolerance, open-mindedness, democracy, secularism!

And another thing: if an RSS publication publishes even an interview with me, that is further proof of my being communal; but so tough are the hymen of these progressives that, even when they contribute signed articles to publications of the Communist Party, their virginity remains intact! As we have seen, the explicit part of the circular issued by the West Bengal government in in effect was that there must be no negative reference to Islamic rule in India.

Although these were the very things which contemporary Islamic writers had celebrated, there must be no reference to the destruction of the temples by Muslim rulers, to the forcible conversion of Hindus, to the numerous other disabilities which were placed on the Hindu population. Along with the circular, the passages which had to be removed were listed and substitute passages were specified. The passages which were ordered to be deleted contained, if anything, a gross understatement of the facts.

A closer study of the textbooks which are today being used under the authority of the West Bengal government shows a much more comprehensive, a much deeper design than that of merely erasing the cruelties of Islamic rule. Else his manuscript will not be accepted as a textbook by the NCERT, for instance, it will not be reviewed…. Notice the sleight of hand. The repair of temples is allowed! Temples can be constructed in villages! But these historians, having, through their control of institutions, set the standards of intellectual correctness, the one who questions the falsehoods, even though he does so by citing the writings of the best known Islamic historians of those very times, he is the one who is in the wrong.

Once they had occupied academic bodies, once they had captured universities and thereby determined what will be taught, which books will be prescribed, what questions would be asked, what answers will be acceptable, these historians came to decide what history had actually been! Thus, they suppress facts, they concoct others, they suppress what an author has said on one matter even as they insist that what he has said on another be taken as gospel truth.

And when anyone attempts to point out what had in fact happened, they rise in chorus: a conspiracy to rewrite history, they shout, a plot to distort history, they scream. But they are the ones who have been distorting it in the first place — by suppressing the truth, by planting falsehoods. And look at the finesse of these historians. They maintain that such facts and narratives must be swept under the carpet in the interest of national integration: recalling them will offend Muslims, they say, doing so will sow rancour against Muslims in the minds of Hindus, they say.

Simultaneously, they insist on concocting the myth of Hindus destroying Buddhist temples. Will that concoction not distance Buddhists from Hindus? Will that narrative, specially when it does not have the slightest basis in fact, not embitter Hindus? In regard to matter after critical matter — the Aryan-Dravidian divide, the nature of Islamic invasions, the nature of Islamic rule, the character of the freedom struggle — we find this trait — suppresso veri, suggesto falsi.

This is the real scandal of history writing in the last thirty years. To undo the falsehood, the control has to be undone. And so on — among the highest piles of rubble in the world of the sacred temples of another religion, among the highest piles of corpses of those venerated by another religion.

A policy of toleration guided by purely secular motivations! But here in India a simplistic recitation of the earlier phrases and categories remained enough. It is not just fidelity to the masters, therefore, which characterizes the history writing by these eminences.


The World Of Fatwas Or The Shariah In Action



Arun Shourie



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