Zes jaar geleden was het nog een kwaadaardig jonkie, nu is hij zo enorm dat zijn roestige kooi hem niet langer houden kan. Niemand weet van zijn bestaan, behalve de jarige jongen die hem te eten geeft. Stephen is radeloos. Hij heeft het Beest tegen beter weten in leven gehouden, maar dat wordt steeds moeilijker. Het eet zoveel dat hij het niet aanslepen kan. Maar hoe hij ervan af moet komen weet hij ook niet.

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She lives and works in the UK. Editorial Reviews Gr 8 Up-Stephen, a British year-old, has been in and out of trouble with the law and with his various foster families since he was 7. He is gearing up for what he expects to be his worst crime yet: murder. Bit by bit, in hinted details and promises that explanations will come later, the teen plots how to rid himself of the huge crocodile his criminal father gave him without letting his foster family in on the secret.

The situation soon spirals out of control, and Stephen must allow himself to trust others with his secret to rid himself of the Beast.

Though the characters travel from crisis to solution over the course of the novel, there is less growth than revelation about who they are under the facades they show the world. Some reluctant readers may stumble over Briticisms; others will be drawn in by the quick pacing and authentic voice. School Library Journal Seventeen-year-old Stephen has problems. Once again he is about to be kicked out of a foster home. His homeless father shows up demanding money, and Stephen, an experienced thief, is arrested for arson.

And oh, yes, the British teen also decides he must kill his "pet" crocodile. Once a cute birthday present from his dad, the monster has grown to over 12 feet long. These encounters are the best scenes. Non-mainstream British slang offy, a right knob, knackers and several undeveloped subplots distract from the tale. YA Kirkus Reviews.


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