Blackrock has a special place in my memory. I directed the first production for Sydney Theatre Company in August , and for almost eighteen months before that led a development process at the company involving four separate workshops and many drafts during which the story shifted its shape considerably. But, perhaps more than that, the real events that inspired the play hold a particular meaning for me. I attended the University of Newcastle. When year-old Leigh Leigh was raped by a group of boys and murdered at a 16th birthday party on Stockton Beach on 3 November , I was at the university just across the harbour. Many in the community knew of the impact of these events.

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Early life[ edit ] Enright was born to a prosperous East Maitland professional Catholic family. At that school, he won the 1sts Debating Premiership in both and It was expected that he would follow the law. Enright received a pass BA from Sydney University in , having decided not to proceed to an honours degree as might have been expected of one so formidably intelligent.

He was encouraged to write plays while at NYU by one of his teachers, the playwright Israel Horovitz. His one-act theatre-in-education play A Property of the Clan was developed into the full-length play, and later film, Blackrock He wrote the book of the original version of The Boy from Oz , from the biography of the same name written by Stephen McLean which was produced by Ben Gannon with great success around Australia, and, after his death, in New York.

His non-dramatic work includes a book for children, The Maitland and Morpeth String Quartet illustrated by Victoria Roberts , a set of verses for The Carnival of the Animals, and occasional verse. His plays deal sympathetically and insightfully with mainly lower-class Australians. Two exceptions concern his time at Riverview: St.

He had a great ease with, and love of, words, which made him an outstanding lyricist — a talent he tended to deprecate. Personal life[ edit ] Although he was openly gay, he never found his longed-for committed relationship. Three years after his death, Happy Feet was dedicated to his memory. This award is now named the Nick Enright Prize for Playwriting.

In June his appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia was posthumously announced, although it was deemed effective from 14 November


Nick Enright

Plot[ edit ] Blackrock is an Australian beachside working-class suburb [a] where surfing is popular among youths like Jared. He has his first serious girlfriend, Rachel, who comes from a much wealthier part of the city. One day Ricko, the local surfing legend, returns from an eleven-month trip. The party is unsupervised with alcohol freely available. The following morning, it is revealed that year-old Tracy Warner was killed at the party.


Black rock, Nick Enright Essay


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