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International Sales and Service Offices in all principal cities of the world. Flame Detection: End viewing. Page 4: Installation Consult the equipment manufacturer or the governing standard for recommendations about frequency of checks. Controls incorporating safe-start checks, and sensors and controls employing constant check means are available from Honeywell. See your Honeywell representative for specific information.

Page 5 1. Ultraviolet Sources: 1. Detectors must be used with Honeywell flame b. Cut the pipe to the desired length as short as Locate the Sight Pipe practicable , and at an angle so it fits flush with the wall of the The location of the sight pipe is the most critical part of the Page 8: Wiring all Models-fig. For high temperature installations, use Honeywell Specification no.

R or equivalent for the F leadwire. It is tested for operation up to V and breakdown up to V. For the other leadwires, Page 9: Adjustments And Checkout The flame signal can be measured with a volt-ohmmeter ground connection at the mounting bracket.

To measure the flame current signal , use a cable connector part number , included with the WA in conjunction with the meter. With the If the minimum signal cannot be obtained or is respectively, have a dc voltage flame signal output. Page 11 Table 1. Flame Signal. Page Troubleshooting 1.

Clean the viewing window and sight pipe if used when are encountered in the system, refer to Troubleshooting in the necessary. Remove the detector and use a soft, clean Instructions for the appropriate Honeywell flame safeguard cloth to remove accumulated contaminants from the control. This manual is also suitable for:.


Honeywell Minipeeper C7027A Product Data



Honeywell UV Flame Sensor


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