Duk Using the ScannerDocumentsThis scanner is able to scan documents ranging in size from business cardsand checks up to B4 size documents. Using Patch Code Sheets1. Index Document positioning canpn adjustment Get ready to perform the scanning operation with your application software,and set the manual feed function. Tell us manuaal missing. Loading a Document for ScanningThis scanner supports both automatic and manual feed operation. Then print the sheets to use them.

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The OCR software does not seem very good, though, and the document feeder has not worked too well for me. My efforts to follow Norton instructions on how to remove the spyware from my registry also has not worked. Shame on Canon. Reply A. Dziennik on August 6, at am This little thing can easily scan mountains of pages in short order and do it with clear easy to read reproduction.

I highly recommend the unit. And once you adjust the paper thickness control it will just keep scanning as long as you keep putting pages into the unit. The software allows you the option of continuing to scan once all loaded pages are finished so you can just keep adding to the same file.

If you can take a file folder out of your file cabinet then you can scan it into your computer with this unit. The worst: the paper feed. Canon rates 50 pages that you can put into the feeder. That is far from the truth. If paper is folded or crumpled, you have to feed sheet after sheet and push it down manually.

Scanning photos does not work, since you have feed each one individually. The wobbly paper feed does not allow to scan pages straight — ugly black rims remain on all sides. The software is buggy, e. The menu structures are twisted and not user friendly. According to my experience, this is a product to stay away from. I have several files and needed to reduce my paper documents. I took the advice of the previous reviewer and purchased the DRC.

The speed of the scanner is marvelous. I wholeheartedly agree with her. The duplex features are great — especially the option to remove blank pages. You can also change the threshold on what the software considers a blank page — it asks you to specify percent coverage, although they use a different term.

Complaints about this product that caused me to give it less than 5 stars: 1. As the last reviewer said, putting in the paper adjusters prevent the flap from closing. I was mistaken however — the user manual says that you should sort your papers by different sizes and shapes before scanning them. When you do drop papers of different sizes in there, it will try to scan them, but the smaller sheets will be skewed and then incorrectly de-skewed.

Feeding stacks of paper into the scanner is a tad tricky — you have to wiggle it around a bit or the scanner will not be able to detect that any papers are in the ADF. Canon also sells additional rollers so that you can replace them yourself without having to return the scanner to the manufacturer. If you use a Linux system, so long as you have a kernel that supports USB, a copy of VMWare you can download a day trial version for free and a copy of Windows, the scanner works just fine.


Canon CR-180, DR-2050C, DR-2580C, DR-3080CII User Manual



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