Catecismo da Igreja Catlica - Compndio Pgina 24 de Com esta expresso indica-se que Satans e os outros demnios de que falam a Sagrada Escritura e a Tradio da Igreja, de anjos criados bons por Deus, se transformaram em maus, porque, mediante uma opo livre e irrevogvel, recusaram Deus e o seu Reino, dando assim origem ao inferno. Procuram associar o homem sua rebelio contra Deus; mas Deus afirma em Cristo a Sua vitria segura sobre o Maligno. Em que consiste o primeiro pecado do homem? Assim, Ado e Eva perderam imediatamente, para si e para todos os seus descendentes, a graa da santidade e da justia originais. O que o pecado original?

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Jo 8, I see it as a valid and legitimate instrument at the service of ecclesial communion and as a safe standard for the teaching of the faith. Serve him for renewal, to which the Holy Spirit ceaselessly calls the Church of God, Body of Christ, pilgrimage to the light without shadow of the Kingdom! The approval and publication of the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" is a service that the Successor of Peter wishes to render to the Holy Catholic Church, to all the particular Churches in peace and in communion with the Apostolic See of Rome: the service of sustaining and confirming the faith of all the disciples of the Lord Jesus cf.

Lc 22,32 , but also of strengthening the bonds of unity in the same apostolic faith. I therefore ask the Pastors of the Church and the faithful to welcome this Catechism in a spirit of communion and to use it assiduously in fulfilling their mission of proclaiming the faith and of appealing to the Gospel life.

This Catechism is given to them so that it may serve as a safe and authentic reference text for the teaching of Catholic doctrine, and in a very particular way for the elaboration of local catechisms. It is also offered to all the faithful who wish to deepen their knowledge of the inexhaustible riches of salvation cf. Jn It aims to give support to the ecumenical efforts animated by the holy desire for the unity of all Christians, showing precisely the content and harmonious coherence of the Catholic faith.

The "Catechism of the Catholic Church", finally, is offered to every man who asks us the reason for our hope P 1, 15 and wants to know what the Catholic Church believes. This Catechism is not intended to replace local catechisms duly approved by ecclesiastical authorities, diocesan bishops and Episcopal Conferences, especially if they have received the approval of the Apostolic See.

It is intended to encourage and assist the writing of new local catechisms, which take account of different situations and cultures, but which carefully preserve the unity of faith and fidelity to Catholic doctrine. May the light of true faith free mankind from ignorance and the bondage of sin to lead to the only freedom worthy of this name cf.

Jn 8,32 : that of life in Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit on earth and in the Kingdom of Heaven in the fullness of the blessedness of the vision of God face to face cf. Given on October 11, , the thirtieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, the fourteenth year of my pontificate.


Catecismo da Igreja Católica - Compêndio



Compêndio do Catecismo - 1ª PARTE - 1ª SEÇÃO - Liturgia Diária da Igreja Católica Apostólica Romana



Parágrafo 9


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