We have a lot of real, true stories from readers for this issue, plus we added some fiction to make this magazine more interesting. If you want to be in it, send 25 to words and, if possible, a photo. Send your address, preferably a P. Box or your email address so our readers can contact you. Please keep your stories and articles short so we can get more in. Your story has a better chance of getting in if you include photos.

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Maids magazine. Total submissive Sissy, loves bondage, looking for a Mistress or dominant she-male to serve. Will do anything We have a lot of real, true stories from readers for this issue, plus we added some fiction to make this magazine more interesting.

Our artists depict a story with their art. These two magazines cost more than the other adult distributed magazines. We think it is worth it to bring you, the reader, magazines that are unique and fun to read. A lot more work goes into putting these two magazines out. This magazine is devoted to men and women who enslave and transform men into sissies, maids, she-males and sluts ENSLAVED Sissies and Maids 11, is produced as an adult entertainment.

It is a publication of Centurian Publishing, Inc. Material in this publication is copyright by Centurian Publishing and may not be reprinted, duplicated, or otherwise reproduced in any form without written consent of the publisher. Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material.

Return postage and wrapping must accompany all correspondence, manuscripts, artwork and photographs. Printed in the USA. This magazine is published in the interest of informing and educating the adult public of the various forms and means of sexual expression.

It is the publishers belief that every adult has the right to view such material. Any similarity between the fictional and semi-fictional persons in this publication or real places or persons is strictly coincidental. All persons depicted in this publication are professional models, at least 18 years of age, portraying fictional characters.

Under no circumstances are minors to be offered, possess, or purchase this publication. The depictions of bondage or piercing in this magazine convey the satisfaction that men and women experience together, when they practice bondage within the context of mutual trust and consent. We strongly discourage readers from imitating these depictions by themselves, outside the boundaries of a loving relationship, and without an alert partner.

All writings and items shown are for entertainment purposes only. Centurian takes no responsibility for use of these items. Use at your own risk. All models are of age or older-proof is on file. All photos in this publication were taken before the year of Mistress Kristin wants your readers to know that for the next two weeks I will spend hours and hours strung up while wearing 5" heels.

I will be making my public debut in two weeks and Mistress Kristin wants yo ensure my calf muscles are reshaped and take whacking properly in the 5" heels for an entire day. I understand that Mistress Kristin and her friend Mistress Sabrina will take me, dressed as a sissy slave, and on a leash to the local adult book store.

This visit will allow me to get used to people staring. I will then be taken to a lingerie store for some lacy undergarments. Wow, what a debut as sissy slave Francis. Will do anything to please. But I have transformed my boyfriend into a pretty little sissy slave. I have her dressed in one of 4 your schoolgirl outfits and have anklets and Mary Jane shoes, your hormone products have worked wonders on her too. And my Kitten is now a little dainty doll. I know Kitten will turn some heads too.

She remained in her transparent negligee and high heels. My penis trying to erect within the cock cage, caused me great pain. That night he used my mouth before and after screwing T. It has been three years now. I have a beautiful body, including 34C implants. My cock is chastised; I have not had an orgasm since that fatal Friday night. My body, mouth and ass belong to T, who allows her friends to use me at their whim.

So many pretty sissies are out there, and so many men and women who are interested in someone to serve them. My Master has continued to train me so that I may provide suitable services to others who may not have the time to provide training themselves. Recently, I was allowed to visit with him at his 6 home for several days. Throughout that time I served him as a maid, performing household chores such as vacuuming, ironing and cooking as well as more personal services as he required.

One day I was even required to serve wearing a pink tutu, with only a pink ribbon and a chrome ball stretcher below it. I was wonderfully exposed and accessible to him and his guests. When my chores were completed I was usually bound, as I provided other entertainment for him. That was also when I was punished for my mistakes that day or rewarded for good services.

Hope you enjoyed it. I absolutely love completely feminizing submissive young men. I find it fascinating a young male cringing as I introduce him to panties, then his very bra, then nylons, their skirt and heels. I do it gradually, one step at a time. At each step they eventually give in. What I tell them is that I expect them to get intouch with their feminine side. That being submissive to me they need to feel less manly, to be softer, gentler. They either go along or they never see me again.

I never know what the end result will look like. Fredericka, once Fred, turned out quite lovely, but was real challenge at first. Without his knowledge I began giving him hormones on our first meeting.

I knew right away he was never going to be much in the boob department. So I decided to concentrate on his long legs, but especially his ass. It was already nicely plump. So once every couple of weeks I would put him out with a doctored drink and inject his bottom, broadening it no more than a half inch at a time. Over the months it gradually grew bigger and bigger. I told her she was just being foolish. That she had a lovely ass that any woman would kill for, now eight inches broader, and she should be proud to show it off, without a hint of muscle anywhere.

Since she looks so darling in pink, I designed a flirtatious, all pink outfit for when I take her out for a walk or to do some shopping. I call the satin skirt a ballerina, tutu skirt. It stands almost straight out and bounces up and down as she walks giving passers-by and admirers an ample view of her well-endowed behind. I had her dressed in a tasteful, simple cocktail 8 continued on page 11 9 Woman Amuses Herself Transforming Males Into Feminized Sissies continued from page 9 dress in black, edged with lace.

She looked quite elegant and demure, until she turned around, that is. She had a crowd of admirers behind her the whole night. Of course, when I took her to Atlantic City with me for a mini-vacation she simply had to have an outfit for the boardwalk. Then absolutely the tiniest, white, spandex shorts. It was quite a struggle, but once on they positively glued to each cheek, not really covering all of them.

But what I felt really set them off was the key-hole opening in the back. That nicely displayed the crack between her cheeks. The tightest, little satin shorts to display his girlish behind. And a pair of the highest, sexiest heels. I keep his hair short in a pixie cut so no one can mistake him for other than what he is, a sissy.

I get such a satisfying thrill when people point and laugh at him. So I relented when I saw a girl wearing a pair of white Keds. The seamstress had applied pink hearts all over them and replaced the white shoe strings with pink ribbons. And to the ends had sewn on tassels with silver bells. On the inside the seamstress had added what she felt was an appropriate logo - Sissy Kedds. Our outing that afternoon produced more laughter than when he wore heels.

And now we have added your new sissy magazine to our subscription. Over four years ago I started training Bob, my husband, to be my female slave companion. So, I decided that Bob never would. After reading your sissy magazines I decided I would rather have him as a sissy. Your hormones made his boobies just the right sissy size, a small size B.

Yesterday I took him for a walk downtown in a pink mini skirt with bows, a pink top and pretty bow shoes with frilly socks. I even bought him a pretty little pink purse he had to hold. It was the ultimate humiliation. He looked so cute and sweet all shaven all over his body and in pretty pink earrings.

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