Malar Only some magic generated by the subject can reconcile them]. It amazes me that people have read this volume,focused on the blurb about D and G and how they collaborated, and missed this! They had to throw themselves into scholasticism even after the Liberation. The present is seen as a variable, measured in continuous time heading in one direction until it reaches a point at which it becomes the past. There are no metaphors, no literal words, no exact words.

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Moogutaur They note the connection between this discussion of the crystal time and the one in Cinema 2which is where Deleuze had already applied Bergson on memory. In the smallest circuits of all, we find the crystal. Gilles DeleuzeClaire Parnet. Do not use writing to form judgements. We do not oppose to the State spontaneous dynamics, or to states of nature, or to becoming a lucid theorist of revolution who gets pleasure out of its impossibility.

There is no need to sanctify books as such. Sartre, however provided a breath of fresh air from the outside. American literature in particular is based on a flight towards the west, a sense of the frontier. I think one of them might be Kafka who uses his minority Czech German as a constructive element]. There is no need to organize a revolutionary apparatus on the scale of the state. What counts is what is between the elements, the relations which are not separable.

The regimes of signs might be relevant—the despotic regime banning lines of flight. How can thought shake off these models? But even this abstract machine is dysfunctional and fallible.

Dialogues II It is always assembled on a plane of immanence or composition which must be constructed at the same time. Analyse I Psychoanalysis breaks up productions of desire and prevents the formation of utterances. This plane is opposed to the plane of organization. Where there was expression in earlier regimes, this can become the content in later ones, which is how transformations occur.

Whitehead defined empiricism as the view that the abstract does not explain but must be explained. Psychoanalysis attempts to do this, to replace ddleuze, although the apparatuses of power seem more interested in physics, biology and informatics.

This is selective listening and forced choice. It is successful when it follows the apparatus of power. The ordinary European face is the base model. He returns to the notions of minor literature, deterritorialization, the critical and clinical, and begins a nascent study of cinema. This shows how work proceeds to assemble ideas, not joining or juxtaposing them but establishing a line between them.

The State remains as the agency that overcodes, by putting to use an abstract machine [which is not the state itself], to organise dominant utterances, languages, knowledges, actions. Dialogues Gilles Deleuze — Wikipedia This function would subordinate thought to a conventional image again. By using this site, you agree parndt the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Individual tools only operate within machine assemblages pwrnet relate them to humans and other objects [as in the horse and stirrup example] [so no technological determinism].

True propositions are classified advertisements. They worked as a micro political multiplicity. This plane does not preexist its assemblages. Most 10 Related.



Felmaran Clearly there is a power relation. They are vampires, transmitting neurosis and resentment. Guattari says desire is a ritornello, but this is an example only, a reassuring territoriality expressed through sound, an example of a whole movement of dilogs and deterritorialization. This can relate to all children and to all adults in their every day life. It is a political system: On a line of flight there is only experimentation [style getting very delirious and Feleuze here]. A love of life which can say yes to death.


Zulull Becoming is geographical not historical, involving orientations. Everything depends on combinations of fluxes. It follows from constructing a line of flight [examples include Kafka, Beckett and Godard, and a poet called Luca]. Various French authors have argued for the separation of warriors from the state, and have argued that wars sometimes arise in order to resist centralization [am I mistaken, or is there an assumption throughout that the state is the modern nation state?

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