Las autoras de chick lit abrevan en blogs , chats de encuentros y revistas femeninas. Las voces de la chick lit son atrevidas y vociferantes. Mujeres de hoy, audaces, decididas, de estado civil diverso, profesionalmente aptas -como los departamentos en venta o alquiler-, pero con una vida afectiva jalonada de experiencias impresentables. Hay historias de solteras con sobrepeso, divorciadas con hipotecas, casadas con aburrimiento, atravesadas por pautas culturales universales, cuyo escenario es la ciudad, capaz de aportar sabrosos ingredientes.

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Yokazahn Presided by the University exchange programs coordinator, it is comprised of faculty and graduate school exchange programs coordinators and International Cooperations Office coordinator. Its responsibilities are as follows:. The duties of these coordinators are as follows: ARTICLE 13 — 1 The documents which are taken as the basis in the procedure for recognizing courses into a program are the Learning Agreement, if any, the Academic Approval Form, and transcript from the university abroad.

A faculty member preferably the associate dean responsible for student affairs appointed dogtluk the dean of the concerned faculty. Is appointed from among faculty members by the concerned GSD chair. The concerned academic units may request additional documents if they consider it necessary. However, ICO provides guidance to students in preparing the documents. A faculty member preferably the assistant chairperson responsible for student affairs appointed by the concerned department chair.

The Orientation Program for Incoming Students. However, the sum of mobility periods for study and placement cannot exceed 12 months for the concerned educational level.

The duties of these coordinators are as follows:. The exam score is valid for two years. Tuition Fees and Other Costs. Informing the incoming students. It performs the following duties:. All courses specified on the transcript are evaluated by the concerned boards, by taking into consideration the Academic Approval Form. Such details as the visa procedures, academic calendar, and orientation program are included in the information notes.

For justified reasons, the course load may be minimum 20 ECTS. A faculty member preferably a vice president, doftluk an assistant to the president appointed by the president. Students can take this exam only once in an academic year. Course Selection and Learning Agreement. Middle East Technical University.

Procedures for Recognizing Courses into the Program. A faculty member preferably the assistant director to the graduate school responsible for student affairs appointed by the concerned graduate school director. Teaching Mobility and Staff Training Mobility. Exchange coordinators of interdisciplinary programs are appointed by GSD chairs from among faculty members.

ARTICLE 2 — 1 This directive comprises principles on the process concerning student, academic, and administrative staff mobility and the responsibilities and authorities of the related units sistsm persons. The mobility performed within the scope of the Erasmus placement internship is included in the 12 month period determined for the relevant education level. ARTICLE 14 — 1 Those students who are obligated to pay a tuition fee and participate in an exchange program are to do so to their own university during their study education abroad; they do not pay a tuition fee at the university abroad.

ARTICLE 17 — 1 After the application document and Learning Agreement are received, the application is evaluated taking into consideration the exchange balance the outgoing-incoming student ratio between the two universities, and the academic standing of the applicant.

It performs the following duties: Its responsibilities are as follows: Related Posts


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