How long it takes travelling through Chicago OTC? The train traveling length is around 1h 14m. With all the above mentioned boarding options going to Chicago OTC on , choose between 29 train schedules. One of them will take you through all Chicago OTC. For this train trip heading to Elmhurst, there are the following options of departure stations.

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They are a convenience for those daily commuters who wish to avoid daily payment at the machines. This form can be printed off and brought to the police department at the time of purchase. Cash, check, or credit card may be used for the purchase. Parking Permits may be obtained by phone, mail, or in person. Mail check and application to: Attn: Police Department, E. North St. Police Department Office hours are Monday thru Friday from am — pm. This is to insure that it will be visible from the traffic aisle when you are parked in the Metra parking lot.

As a permit holder, you will be entitled to use any of the numbered stalls in the Metra parking lot. Your permit alone does not allow you to park in any handicapped parking stall.

Your permit does not allow you to park in any traffic aisle, or on any unpaved areas within the parking lot. Nor, does it allow you to park along any part of the access road Railroad St. You may not transfer, loan, or sell the parking permit to anyone else. You may use the permit for your carpool, as long as you are a passenger in that vehicle, and the permit is properly displayed. Do not send your copy of the citation with the form. The guide contains a map with preferred bicycle routes around the Metra station, as well as bicycling and railroad safety tips.

We are and shall be an innovative community that maintains small town values while working to: Enhance the quality of life of our residents; Promote and Support our businesses; and Welcome new opportunities which enable the Village of Elburn to be the ideal place to live, work, worship, and play. Follow Us Links.


Elburn Metra Station



Union Pacific West (UP-W)


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