Mazulrajas At once fearful, willing, and wildly passionate, she brings his most breathtaking erotic fantasies to lifeā€”and thaws his cold, wounded heart. There is a lot of sex in this book. It was a lazy day and I figured I could at least see what fairy tale erotica read like. This causes Nadia to feel rejected. During the course of the book, Nadia realizes that while she can not help but to love her family, that perhaps she and her sisters have been too giving towards their father, never making him fully rely on only himself. Lists with This Book.

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I try not to hold erotic or adult romance books on too high a level, mainly because Im usually not very impressed with them. They usually have the characters jumping into things too quickly, or not very enticing characters, or not enough chemistry.

Theyre not usually very amazingly written stories. But sometimes I get surprised, and this book surprised me. But, for some reason, I did.

I found this book by chance, and thought it sounded good. And so Nadia ends up as a slave to Dominic, while her sister Jelena is trying to find a way to get her back. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the relationship between Nadia and Dominic. And I liked Nadia, as well. They had some problems with the whole, being-locked-up thing, but that worked itself out. I was definitely surprised by what happened with Jelena. And despicable. Oh, also: sex.

There is a lot of sex in this book. Not only between Nadia and Dominic, either. And even with all the sex and Jelena, I read this book really fast.

It was a while ago, but it was in less than two days, I know. I was surprised with how quickly the book went by, how easy it was to get through. So, yea, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. What I got was Russian crime families, an angry bisexual sister, and an oddly sweet romance between the hero and heroine.

I guess because my expectations were very different. Still a good read, though.


Enslave: Beauty Tames the Beast




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