Everything seemed fairly logically laid out and after a quick skim I felt fairly confident in giving it a go. Everything seemed fairly logical and streamlined. Boarding and tiny flyers now Short Ranged Spacecraft were the two biggest improvements and I hope variations of these two systems see use in Dystopian Wars. So it is definitely something you save though on the other hand, with AP not getting drained, you no longer risk counter-boarding just for doing it but under the new system it is also quite effective. First things first, capturing a ship outright is a lot rarer. But at the same time, unless your attempt is an abject failure you will likely do something to the enemy ship.

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Monday, March 21, Firestorm Armada v2. I spent most of this weekend fighting what I call "weed war" - in that it has been raining so much here I have not been able to mow the lawn or go kill the weeds I started into some early "spring cleaning" which led me into a total side project.

Before I "squirrel" into the main topic here Ness and his team coming from the US side Now, on to the main topic Firestorm Armada. I decided to check in on if there was indeed a version 2. The short answer is yes.

So I guess this serves and kind of an update on what is consuming my time at the moment and also a review of FSA 2. Why Firestorm Armada? How big is the range? How good are the models? How does it play? Fear not on the historical front though Some cool Sorylian Collective dreadnoughts. Good question given the popularity of those games at the moment. By that I mean that they are more "miniature board games" - driven by a meta game of building card combos and such. The basic game is fairly straight forward but is quickly complicated by the cards.

Setup takes far to long for the game play reward IMO. To reinforce this, Roy and I played a full point game of FSA this past weekend setup, played, cleaned up in about the same time as a two others who played X-Wing beside us played at my local game store. Essentially there are only two factions as well major factions I know there are mercenaries and such.

I like space combat games and still play X-Wing and Armada, but I still wanted a more full fledged space combat miniatures game. Also, given my standardization on 28mm for look and feel reasons , I wanted the ships to be big and beautiful. FAS seemed to fit the bill. One of the great things about Spartan Games is that they offer their rules for free.

I was able to download the v2. Having played three games now I very happy with FSA v2. So, chalk up another "skirmish" type game to add to my collection. That is a total of 24 various factions and fleets you can play.

The primary factions, Kurak Alliance, and Zenian League fleets all have a wide range of ships available dreadnoughts, battleships, heavy cruisers, gunships, cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, escorts and various small spacecraft like fighters, bombers, and such. So how big is the range The current generation of models from Spartan Games are outstanding.

Crisp detail and low part count with little to no flash usually just a nub to clean up at the injection point. Spartan Games has really figured out how to make resin work well. The models also paint up easily. One of the great things Spartan Games has done is make their newer models modular. For example, many of the cruisers in the game used the same basic parts and are upgraded to heavy cruisers using a couple of key parts.

The parts and mount points have holes for magnets molded into the model so that the key parts can be swapable. With the introduction of Firestorm Taskforce, if you find that FSA is a little too much wargame for you it really simplifies things down and speeds up game play. The entire set of rules is summarized on 3 double-sided pages - and I mean everything, special rules, optional rules, and so on. In addition to the QRS, I did ship cards for several factions These files are editable so you can print cards off that reflect any upgrades or hardpoints you select.

So how do you play it with all these fancy gaming aids? There is a great video you can check out below That should about do it for now I have made some progress painting my Sorylian fleet WIP of Sorylian Collective fleet.

Glad to be back to blogging. Posted by.


Firestorm Armada

They also suffer a lot from getting most of their AD from overlapping weapon systems. Finally, with more overlapping systems being the main source of firepower, damage will cause them to degrade a lot faster. Dindrenzi are putting more damage out to longer range and getting a boost to crits from their kinetics. The RSN are more flexible in terms of firepower dispersal, but Dindrenzi knock them out of the park for number of dice in a given range-band. Just look at the Banshee vs. And since the bonus to kinetics is all about crits, this is a good thing. The Ret is also putting out more torpedoes 10AD at each range band , and since it will do damage earlier and more often, the torpedoes are that much more valuable early on.


This wiki is still very new, and theres lots of information about FA, so if you are a Firstorm player, feel free to register and start writing! What is Firestorm Armada? At your disposal are squadrons of starships ranging from small Frigates to gigantic Dreadnoughts. No matter the fleet, these ships are ready to receive your orders today and charge into battle. In , Spartan Games closed and all of its licenses were picked up by Warcradle, currently working on the 3.





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