FM 6 02.53 PDF

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Comments Description FM Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library at www. FM Index-1 Figures Figure Vehicular amp adapter and INC VIC-3 Headsets Wireless network extension operations Land mobile radio Vehicular intercommunications system Enhanced position location reporting system.

RT I VIC-3 components Intravehicular remote control unit Near term digital radio Securable remote control unit Contents Figure Land Warrior Handheld remote control radio device EPLRS radio set and host computer Automated net control device Vertically polarized wave Random data generator Joint tactical radio system ground mobile radio Solid radiation patterns Sloping-V antenna Improvised vertical half-wave antenna Vertical half rhombic antenna Examples of field expedient antenna insulators NVIS antenna Half-wave dipole doublet antenna Geometry during operations Example of a declination diagram COMB antenna Lightweight computer unit Quarter-wave antenna connected to ground Circular polarized wave OE half rhombic VHF antenna Whip antenna NVIS propagation Interference resolution Army victim Beam width Center-fed half-wave antenna V antenna Wire counterpoise Inverted L antenna Long-wire antenna Repaired antenna guy lines and masts A typical transmitter and receiver connection Whip antennas mounted on a vehicle..

Expanded ACES navigation tree Horizontally polarized wave Antenna take-off angle Example for planning a CNR net Components of electromagnetic waves OE broadband omnidirectional antenna system Field repair of broken whip antennas Rifleman radio A-6 Figure A B-5 Figure B Average layer distribution of the ionosphere B-3 Figure B B Figure B AM system A-4 Figure A Example of a cavalry unit HF network H-2 Figure H B Figure C A-7 Figure A C-3 Figure E Possible routes for ground waves.

Wave shapes H-6 Tables Table H-5 Figure H A-5 Figure A Radiation of radio waves from a vertical antenna Wavelength of a radio wave Principal paths of radio waves ALE system handshake.. SSB system A-3 Figure A Example of a division intelligence network Example of proper antenna separation for an armored TOC Sky wave transmission paths Example of a division HF C2 network H-4 Figure H E-4 Figure H Sky wave transmission hop paths B-8 Figure B Notional link quality analysis matrix for a radio B3B Minimum antenna separation distance B-6 Figure B Mobile command post antenna configuration Example of a division C2 FM network Frequency hopping multiplexer..

Interference resolution Army source Possible antenna stacks A-8 Figure B Antenna length calculations


File:FM 6-02.53.pdf

Figure Vehicular amp adapter and INC Figure Intravehicular remote control unit, C Figure Securable remote control unit, C Figure Vehicular intercommunications system, VIC-3 components Figure


FM 6-02.53 Tactical Radio Operations



Fm 6-02.53 Vhf Am Fm Radiofm6_02x53



FM 6 02.53 PDF


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