There are more but I draw the line here for fear of appearing to be awed by this fictional mythic hero. This is the bare bones caricature of the Francis Ittikora was a giant among men and this figurative usage does have some qualifiers to prove it. This is the bare bones caricature of the myth against which Ramakrishnan builds this extremely powerful novel with an intricately woven plot. If Korappappan means great-grandfather-Kora in the lingo of his still existent family was a hero when he was alive, then death has rendered him a demigod. Immortalized by acts of the occult, the powerful and considerably influential family of his recons him back from the dead. Through primeval acts of satisfying the flesh , they recieve his blessings in terms of power, money and more and more avenues of gaining the first two.

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Dear TD, The novel is very much interesting. The way you keep on mentioning Hypatia seemed to be much feministic. It had an oppsite notion of the idea that the novel was delivering until now.

I mean the teasing type of talk was easily accepted by the woman researcher character was unexpected. The response of women could have been more of holding self-esteem on their life-style, as the novel was praising the character of Hypatia. This part made them just follow the way of talking in which the women are just objectified.

Highly readable novel. Even readability being rare in Malayalam these days that way the novel stands out. Language is good and literary. Almost look like a Davinci Code thriller. If read in that spirit the novel is good. But cannot recommend it from a literary point of view. My TDR, I read the book at a stretch and completed the book today morning i. Some time I used to read the book till am am night The novel thrilled me throughout my reading as I did not read any books like this based on mathematical histories.

Congratulations for this creative work!!!!!!!


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Ramakrishnan Translated By Priya K. Or why his later novels, built on similar literary stanchions, have continued to enjoy a loyal readership. The novel, now translated into English by Priya K. Nair, centres on the quest to unravel Francis Itty Cora, a peripatetic, influential 15th century pepper merchant from Kerala. Cora wears many hats. He is a mathematical genius who set up secret Hypatian schools, a man of unbridled sexual appetite who has sired 79 children, as well as the founder of a mysterious cult known as 18th clan. As myth, fantasy, history and reality overlap, the novel subsumes genres, becoming part mystery novel, part erotic thriller, part speculative fiction.


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Francis Itty Cora


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