I am assuming that the purpose of the book was to present himself as a person of vision and to show us his leadership ability to show us the road to the future. It is a tough challenge for anyone to try to explain or to find justification for a party that is viewed by a vast majority of Ethiopians in a negative light. I doubt anyone envies the individuals dilemma. There are plenty of reasons people write a book about an experience they have gone through. Some write to explain themselves so that they could avoid being misunderstood or to avert someone else writing about their life. It is usually an attempt to have the final say.

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They are also making it official that their long held and alleged plan to secede for the union is on. It looks that they want to seize the opportune moment presented itself by the confused political climate prevailing now in the rest of the country. It is now high time for scent sniffing el-Sisi and this will be a suddenly sought treasury for him. Remember the fact that these committed Marxists and their convicts do not know what being dignified means.

They were filling the space abandoned by fleeing citizens there. There is no self-respect and pride with students of Marxism. That is why these Marxist extremists are the bad omen to that gem of the colored.

Expect to hear the undeclared Republic of Tigray over the will of the very noble of that region very soon followed by that of Oromia. Who knows? Sidama will follow suit. Then the black mane lion will come up with his well jeweled crown after founding his own Kingdom on the Amhar Mountains.

Wow, wow, wow!!! That is the Republic of Oromia. Well, he gives a hoot about that. He is a lion anyway. That is ….. I will let you feel in the blank. Ok everyone hit it! A-one, a-two, a-three!! To the tune of God Bless America. Wait a minute!!!


Tigray : New Secessionist sentiment as Gebru Asrat narrates it



Gebru Asrat and his politics


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