This disparity is largely due to consumer demographics. Texas consumers, like MH buyers in much of the Sunbelt states, are lower-income, entry-level home-buyers for whom low-cost affordability is the primary concern, whereas California MH homebuyers tend to be from a higher income bracket and able to afford both upscale options and the higher quality construction features of the most popular models. Higher retail prices in ? The short answer: yes, but largely incremental. Inevitably, high consumer demand and maxed out production capacity, coupled with increased costs of building materials means a higher price tag. I will never disparage low-end manufactured homes per se, because they answer a huge need.

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Their homes are built mainly to appeal to entry-level buyers or mid-level home buyers. They do not build high-end homes. Deer Valley Homes This young manufactured home builder was established in They have a specialized home building formula in place that offers very little customization options but is proud of their high-quality construction.

In they were repurchased from the original owners along with a state of the art manufacturing plant. They build a lot of affordable single wides. Fairmont Homes This manufactured home builder was founded in Their focus is on upscale homes with tons of options for buyers and a wide range of floor plans. They build their homes from one manufacturing plant known as the largest of its kind in the industry. Fleetwood Enterprises Fleetwood has been in the manufactured home building business since They have 21 manufacturing plants in 14 states, and their homes are sold in 46 states by over dealers.

Franklin Homes Franklin Homes started out in Hallmark Southwest Corp. The Hallmark Southwest Corporation began in Their primary buyers are potential homeowners that are looking for high-end options. They have done very little advertising and rely mainly on word of mouth referrals to grow their business. They have around 20 dealers who sell their homes and are sold in CA, AZ, and NV mainly to parks which are rotating out older homes and adding newer models.

Homark Company This company got its start in The company is completely employee-owned, and they work to build homes that are more heavy duty for extreme winters. Jacobsen Homes Jacobsen Homes was founded in and is the oldest manufactured home builder in Florida. Their homes are sold exclusively in that state and they work to build homes for Seniors and Retirees with upscale options.

Kabco Homes Fairly young, Kabco Homes was established in They have grown substantially over the past few years, from only building double wide homes to now offering singles as well.

Kit Homes Legacy Housing One of the newest manufactured home builders around they are a popular choice with a variety of homes styles available including tiny homes, single wides, and multi-section. Their price range is from very economical to mid-level depending on options. Liberty Homes Liberty Homes was founded all the way back in and started out by producing housing for defense plant workers.

They have over dealers and even offer one in-house mortgage finance option. Manufactured Housing Enterprises Founded in , Manufactured Housing Enterprises has 2 plants that employ over people that manufacture single wides, and multi-section homes.

Palm Harbor Homes One of the most well known manufactured home builders, Palm Harbor Homes, was founded in and operates over exclusive retail centers in 32 states and also has over retailers that sell their homes. Legacy Housing One of the newest manufactured home builders around they are a popular choice with a variety of homes styles available including tiny homes, single wides, and multi-section. Pine Grove Homes Founded in Pine Grove Homes began manufacturing homes for two markets that included communities that are turning over older mobile homes and high-end manufactured homes that resemble site-built homes.

Their primary niche is medium to high-end homes.


The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

Construction rating on a 1-to scale Brands and series described Description of a popular model What distinguishes brand from competition Warranty structure Click on Browse the books to learn more. Many models are indistinguishable from conventional homes and offer great quality and savings. Yet for all their advantages—and there are many—manufactured homes are still sold like cars: through dealerships. Amazingly, manufactured retailers sales are even less regulated than used car dealers Retailers historically have been highly secretive about how much they actually pay for the homes they sell. Unscrupulous dealers regularly charge home buyers thousands more for their homes than they should. Among the many additions to this second edition are a greatly expanded discussion on selecting the right home, including a new glossary of common terms used in manufactured home construction, plus a new three-page Construction Features and Specifications Comparison Table with 56 criteria. This table enables you not only to identify what features are associated with different levels of quality but also to determine the construction quality on a 1-to scale of any home you are evaluating independent of what any sales person may claim.



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