If anything, it is more like a slingshot from the future. I still have several tree fork and board cut slingshots that I occasionally shoot for nostalgic reasons. But, when it comes to competitive shooting nostalgia be gone, give me the top- of-the-line slingshot. It is more complicated than the average slingshot in that it incorporates 31 metal parts counting all the nuts and bolts and 4 wooden parts. The following is an examination of the individual parts and an explanation of their use or function. Slingshots with serial numbers 1 to 88 are constructed out of plane maple [all sold].

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Like every true slingshot enthusiast, the author is a child at heart, and that special breed of scientist, gunman and do-it-yourself workshop owner that automatically leads to the production of more or less sophisticated means to wing bullets through the air. The book covers thw whole technical aspects of slingshooting: Theoretic formulas, the problem with the ammo weight, construction plans for wooden slingshots, pouches, band attachments and much more.

It is written in a lively style, with lots of stories and humorous notes, and I consider it to be a great read that I recommend wholeheartedly. Koehler, famous for his books about pocket billiard, has written a brilliant book about slingshots. It contains everything to get you started - and to make you a good shooter. Aiming, shooting techniques, the different kinds of bands, making a backstop, designing a slingshot, pouch and band attachments,mental preparation for tournaments and much more valuable information can be found on pages.

I recommend it as standart lecture for every slingshot enthusiast, as it will answer a lot of your questions, and will most definitely help you in improving your shooting skills. The Author is a Professor who researches in the field of bioengineering and Materials science. This allows him to approach the topic in a refreshingly new way. A must-read for every slingshooter who understands the German language!



Gardagore It is a well known fact that when the forks are moved forward, in relation to the grip hand, the efficiency of the slingshot improves. The sohoting is finished with four coats of either gloss or semi gloss polyurethane. Lozner added it Mar 07, Bob rated it liked it Jan 23, Grant Jackson rated it it was amazing Sep 01, To insure that the handle is firmly koehlwr to the slingshot, glue and two stainless steel screws 2 inch and 3 inch are used. Slingshot Shooting So then I got me a back-up for my back-up. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. There are no discussion suooting on this book yet. It is the best of the best.


Custom makers

Custom makers One of the most exciting trends in slingshots are the small manufacturers that appeared during the last few years. There was a time some decades ago when every outdoor magazine sported advertisements of small basement companies selling their own, self-invented, slingshots by mail-order. The introduction of modern mass-produced metal-and-plastic slingshots put the small companies out of business, and the market was and is dominated by a relatively small number of big manufacturers. But now, they are back. The internet gives them the advantage of showing their products without much advertisement costs, and slingshot forums help to spread the word. The makers are sorted after the country they live in - mind you, shipping costs can be substantial!

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