There is a lot of verbal foreplay in this book. Jaz and Vayl took sexual tension to a whole new level in this novel. Jaz gets dragged into some interesting situations with the local demons, ghosts, and witch coven. One More Bite Jaz Parks, 5 by Jennifer Rardin Bergman and Cassandra were noticeable for theirabsence ; although there were plenty of interesting characters at the Ghost Convention to keep the reader occupied. But you know, I hung in there.

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The story is convoluted, even compared to Bitten to Death; the team is protecting one enemy from an assassin so she the one they are protecting maintains a balancing power keeping two other enemies from acting rashly. For reasons not at all clear her father is bankrolling the mission, the Senate has refused the team some extremely critical resources, and Rardin feels a need to include some goody Wiccans to balance the notion of evil witches. The items related to the plot are easily separable and the main plot-related, non-team character at that point is sent away to the bathroom--without her bodyguard!

There is a side story involving a powerful ghost who claims he is not a ghost, and may be right in some way who takes a liking to Jaz in a very creepy and unnerving way. It might reappear in another book, but I found it more distracting than pleasant and seemed like a set-up to explain away a "ghost? On the relationships front, Cole does a lot of growing up and his fixation on Jaz seems to undergo some nice changes.

The re-connection between Jaz and her father over her painful childhood might read false to some, but it matches the experience of adults I know who have revealed childhood abuse to one parent when the abuser is no longer in their lives. The content is all sex, and boy is there a lot of almost-sex. The earlier books had dialog, both internal and external, about emotional attachment, especially as it relates to trust and their vampiric relationship; this book is all about getting them humping.

The set-up for the next book Jaz vs. Enjoy it and hope for more at this level and above.


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