The oscilloscope is designed to monitor analog and digital signals. According to the created plan, thesis tasks and system requirements, both back-end and front-end systems of the software were developed. Focus areas of research. Darbo apimtis — 58 psl.

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Students name, surname Karolis Dirma. In the final work, we can find the market analysis, the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, the strategy discussed, and the implementation of the summary, financial planning, the review of competitors, and the preparation of the profit and loss accountment. The study was conducted on a sample of companies small, medium and large in the metal processing industry.

Subject Wearable Electrocardiography Monitor. I have found out that after a three years period our project will be profitable, but we need a larger budget in order to avoid financial difficulties during the first year of our project. Subject Mangement System for Manufacturing Company. Also sketches and templates for graphical user interface were created. Based on extensive analysis conducted, it is spotted the significance of engineering industry to the manufacturing industry, and on the overall economy in Croatia.

Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas. The thesis consists of 4 chapters: System of automated estimation of grain impurity level. The system has flexibility and development capabilities, and therefore meets the requirements of different systems and qnalize be used on various web pages.

Integrated security and monitoring system. Django framework, Python, Raspberry pi, graphical user interface, e-ink. Air temperature and humidity sensor for outdoor conditions operations was chosen. The prototype of device was created after creating structural and principle diagrams. Darbo apimtis — 80 p. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Darbo apimtis — 66 p. Operation of konkurrntu embedded system is based on image processing functions.

Creating a database that uses the server to provide information for the graphical interface of the system. Choose type Bachelor Master. The purpose for the system is to controll the motors for the wrapping machine using internet in way so that it would be possible to reach the konkursntu tension of the wrapping matterial.

The main goal of the final bachelor thesis is to perform an economic validation analysis of beehive monitoring system. Direct-sequence spread spectrum technology was analyzed and implemented using field-programmable gate array integrated circuits alongside with frequency-shift keying modulation modules for transmission. The client side application is adapted to be usable by both mobile and desktop devices. The analizd final master thesis includes the theory, development, and perspectives of deep learning networks.

To reach this goal I created two data sets which are used for training process: This suggests that neural networks have the potential to be used in automatic quality control systems. Also data transfer was created for mobile application. Purpose of investigation is to investigate drifting of autonomous four-wheeled platform for distance calculations. With the use of ESP and ATtiny13 microcontrollers, electrical principled diagrams and their printed circuit boards were designed using the Altium16 program.

The sample set consists of x px resolution photos that are divided into three classes: Baigiamajame darbe kuriamas skaitmeninis oscilografas. The ability of segmentation of different classes and sizes of an objects by graph cut based algorithm is investigated by changing parameters, the most effective parameters are searched.

Students name, surname Vilius Hakas. After completing mentioned tasks, model was constructed. By carrying out the tasks provided, the software system was developed including an online user interface, which is also applicable to mobile devices. The company is being set up with the goal of successfully implementing the project of the information system for device monitoring, which would bring profit in the IT services market.

Students name, surname Benas Milinskas. System structure and functional schemes were made. The paper analyzes analogous homemade meters and their operation principles. Main goal is to create a system which could annalize dogs in prohibited areas using microcomputer Raspberry Pi with a camera attached to it. TOP 10 Related.


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