To adjust the number of prints of other photos, repeat steps 4 and 5. If Preview before Print is on, a preview of the print job is first displayed. Note: To adjust the Preview setting, see page Note: If you are unsure of what type of memory card you have, see page If you take pictures with a camera that supports DPOF, you can specify which photos to print and the number of copies of each photo while the memory card is still in the camera.

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Page 2 Printing from a digital camera Page 3 Refilling the print cartridge Page 6 1 Part Purpose 1 Power supply cord port Install the provided power supply cord.

Control panel 8 Page 7 Button Purpose 3 Start Begin printing the selected photos. Page 9: Inserting memory cards Inserting memory cards Supported memory cards Note: Your card manufacturer may differ from the ones pictured.

Microdrive SmartMedia Memory Stick Page 10 Inserting memory cards The memory card reader has two slots to accommodate different size memory cards. A small light turns Page Printing from a memory card Printing from a memory card Step 1: Load photo paper Note: For help loading photo paper and a list of Page 12 Step 5: Customize the photo You can adjust the photo settings before you print.

Page Printing from a digital camera Printing from a digital camera You can connect a PictBridge-enabled digital camera to your printer and use the buttons on Page Customizing your photo prints Customizing your photo prints Printing an index page 1 Load photo paper. Note: If you Page 15 3 Press the down arrow button until you highlight Print All Photos.

If Preview before Print Page 16 If Preview before Print is on, a preview of the print job is first displayed. Press Start again to print Page 17 If Preview before Print is off, the photo prints immediately. Note: To adjust the Preview setting, see page Page 18 Adjusting the number of prints 1 Load photo paper.

Note: If you are unsure of Page 19 Viewing slide show 1 Insert a memory card. Note: If you are unsure of what type of memory card you Page Customizing your printer settings Customizing your printer settings Adjustments made to the settings in this section will remain in effect until you adjust the Page 21 Changing the print quality The factory default setting is Automatic.

The Photo menu appears. Page 22 3 Press the up arrow button twice. Page 23 Restoring factory defaults 1 Press Menu. Page 25 5 Disconnect the power cord. Note: When traveling with your printer, it is Page 26 Unpacking the printer 1 Place the printer on a flat, level surface. Page 27 6 Load photo paper. The printer is now ready to print your photos. Insert a memory card containing photos Page Maintaining your print cartridge Maintaining your print cartridge Checking the ink level status 1 Press Menu.

Page 29 Replacing the print cartridge Removing a used print cartridge 1 If the printer is off, press the Power button. Page 30 4 Remove the old cartridge. Installing a print cartridge 1 If you are installing a new print cartridge, remove Page 31 3 Insert the cartridge.

Page 32 Aligning the print cartridge 1 Load a blank 4x6 index card. Page 33 4 Press Select. Note: Discard the index card after it prints. Printing a test page 1 Load a blank Page 36 Print troubleshooting Symptom Diagnosis Solution Poor photo quality Are you using the correct Try using a different print print quality Page 37 Symptom Diagnosis Solution Poor quality at the edges Are you using the correct The printer supports of the page paper Page 38 Improving print quality Basic solutions If you are not satisfied with the print quality of your document, make sure you Page 39 Reinserting the print cartridge 1 Remove the print cartridge.

See page Page 40 5 With another clean section of the cloth, repeat steps 3 and 4. See running Page Finding more information Finding more information Resource Description Setup sheet Instructions on how to set up your printer. Korean MIC statement If this Page 48 Printer energy consumption The following table documents the energy consumption characteristics of the printer.

Mode Description Power consumption Printing Printer Page Index Index A clean contacts 41 D clean nozzles access cover 7 darken photos 19 automatic 34 adjust printer settings Page 50 Size warning 46 supported types 11 P troubleshooting 44 packing the printer, F memory cards, supported travel 26 CompactFlash Page 52 print 37 U Understanding your printer 7 unpacking the printer, travel 28 up arrow button 9 USB cable


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