That knight will defend me, he shall be my champion! The contender plays for high stakes! KING The sun already stands high at noon: now is the time to issue the challenge. It bodes ill for her cause. Right is on my side! ELSA Gracious king, let me beg you, summon my knight once again!

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Brabantine Counts and Noblemen. Brabantische Grafen und Edle. Opposite them are Brabantian counts and nobles, soldiers and people. They are headed by Friedrich of Telramund, next to him is Ortrud.

The middle ground comprises an open circle. Heinrich, King of the Germans, has come to this place to confer with you according to the law of the realm. Do you willingly obey his command? Welcome, welcome, O King, to Brabant! Not for nothing have I journeyed here to you! Must I first tell of the scourge that has so often visited German soil from the East? In the furthest marches of the realm you bade women and children pray: "Dear Lord, save us from the wrath of the Hungarians!

But now this period is over, the taxes are being denied us and with threats the enemy is arming itself. Die Mitte bildet einen offnen Kreis. Grafen, Edle, Freie von Brabant! Gebt ihr nun Fried und Folge dem Gebot? With God for the honour of the German Empire! How grieved and saddened I am to see that without a prince you live in discord!

I am told of confusion and wild feuding; thus I call on you, Friedrich of Telramund! I know you to be a man of the highest virtue, speak now, that I may know the reason for this strife. I speak the truth, being incapable of deception. The Duke of Brabant lay upon his death bed when he assigned his children to my care, Elsa, the girl, and Gottfried, the boy; faithfully I tended his great youth, his life was the jewel of my honour. One day Elsa took the boy to the wood for a walk, but she returned without him; feigning concern she asked after her brother, for, having strayed a little from his side, she could not, so she said, find him again.

All attempts to find the lost youth proved futile; when I pressed Elsa with threats, her pale trembling and apprehension proved to us her terrible crime. I was seized with a horror of the girl; the right to her hand, granted me by her father, I willingly renounced there and then and took instead a wife eho pleased me: He introduces Ortrud, who bows before the king Ortrud, scion of Radbod, Prince of Friesia. Verwirrung, wilde Fehde wird mir kund; drum ruf ich dich, Friedrich von Telramund!

Ich kenne dich als aller Tugend Preis, jetzt rede, dass der Drangsal Grund ich weiss. And I rightfully claim this land for myself, since I am next in line to the duke and my wife is of the house that once gave its princes to these lands. You hear the charge, O King! Pass rightful judgement! How this accusation fills me with horror! How could such crime be possible? Thus do I accuse her of a secret amour: she clearly thought that, once rid of her brother, she as duchess of Brabant could rightfully refuse the vassal her hand and openly tend her secret lover.


Lohengrin (opera)

Literary background[ edit ] The literary figure of Lohengrin first appeared as a supporting character in the final chapter of the medieval epic poem Parzival of Wolfram von Eschenbach. His protection comes under the condition that she must never ask his name. If she violates this requirement, he will be forced to leave her. Wagner attempted at the same time to weave elements of Greek tragedy into the plot. The god is in love with a human woman and approaches her in human form. The lover finds that she cannot recognize the god in this form, and demands that he should make the real sensual form of his being known.


Welch ein seltsam Wunder! Ein Schwan? Ein Schwan zieht einen Nachen dort heran! Ein Ritter drin hoch aufgerichtet steht! An einer goldnen Kette zieht der Schwan! Ein Wunder! Elsa hat sich umgewandt und schreit bei Lohengrins Anblick laut auf Ha!



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