Maybe the reason is my body type, the pear with big hip. If there are none on the back bodice pattern then yes only the front bodice needs a lutferloh. You can buy plastic ones luttterloh Lutterloh and other locations. The book is pretty small — it measures just 21 x Hi Anonymous, The only difference with the vintage is the way clothes fit was different. Do you already have an account? It also adds length that often helps loosen up the side seams.

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The newer one on the left has little arrows pointing to the numbers so no worries with this one. I am in litterloh middle of writing a posting on doing the darts, guess I better get busy and finish it. Anonymous May 28, at 9: I had made 2 muslims already this week using different systems. You can buy plastic ones from Lutterloh and other locations. I cut the vest out at chest and for hip, but I have not sewn it yet. We are here to help you understand the system.

Did this pattern work out for you? Thank you Kathy, Many ways have been used to make the patterns. It is a bit of an online flea-market. Rulers, Lutterloh System — Economical Sewing The best ones have the marking hole clearly marked by the number. Me I make a large bust adjustment with every pattern, adjust my shoulder mine slants a lot and I shorten the length from waist to hips Hi, just came across this and so glad I did.

These can be smaller or what ever will draw in the waist. Vintage Fashion Guild Forums. I cut out another vest this sadly is and my hip is I did notice that this was the approach the guy on the Lutterloh video seemed to take with modern ones — I think he had the end point marked but then cut to it and fitted the depth rulef the dart on the model.

Try trusting the system. Welcome Anonymous, The key note of Lutterloh patterns is how easy they are to work with. Before I tape things down I like to test and see if the largest number on the pattern will fit where my papers goes. It would be better to make your pattern by the chest measurement above your bust and then to a large bust adjustment.

This is so amazing. Hi, I purchased the Lutterloh system and I have made the vest twice. I am not sure if I put these here, but lutterlkh they are. You should always have your pants waist a little larger than your waist band.

So check out what years patterns you have by reading our posting found in our listing on the right. If so making your patterns for your bust size will make them too large. Explore and soon you will be able to sew any of the lutterlohh and know what you need to adjust.

Could you tell me if there are supposed to be notches on the sleeve pattern? Related Posts.


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