There are a lot of Legends out there. Soon, thanks to Champions of Kamigawa there will be even more. Arcanis actually casts Ancestral Recall. In terms of pure card advantage, tapping Arcanis to draw three cards is more akin to casting Opportunity once it resolves, you are up three cards from when you started than Ancestral where you are up only two. Ancestral Recall is fast and cheap, whereas Arcanis can take a while to be ready. Essentially, unless you have already gotten to a point where winning is nearly impossible for you it will quickly become nearly impossible for your opponent.

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Please log in to add or reply to comments. I know the ones labeled "secret spell" are specified for certain organizations and such, but the rest give no indication about what classes they are for. What exactly makes this a 5e book and not just a rehash of your 3. Thank You. Paul P February 24, am UTC Is there perhaps an alternative preview with equipment as opposed to potions and alchemical items? Also, approximately how many of the total items are weapons, armor, and accessories?

Where do I find this race among other things the book references concerning Arcanis? Got to finally give it a whirl this weekend. By the way is there an ETA for when physical copies will be available for sale? Evan B January 21, am UTC Hey so how are we supposed to know what classes know the spells listed in this book?

Reviews - December 1st, Not only does this book have new magical items that I can use to add to my home campaign, but the added flavor text of the items history is a great option that I can use for potential side quests for my players.

The rune system is an interesting option [ They also introduce new categories of items: fetishes, which provide a small bonus, and runes, which may be added to mundane items to provide them with powers.

STK407-070 PDF

Arcanis the Omnipotent

Arcanis is an artificial plane on which the Academy of Magic is located. The plane is comprised of one planet which contains all five terrains corresponding to the five colours of mana. What the planet is composed of Edit The planet is composed of a Pangaea -esque supercontinent surrounded on all sides by the ocean. Each of the Keepers created the land types corresponding to their colours. Charles made the ocean calm and peaceful, but quick to anger and with a terrible wrath.


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