Ancheta are multe semne de intrebare! Povestea este stranie: analizele nu au putut fi prelevate si, desi, initial, clienta otravita nu avea nicio intentie, afland ca Marty Restaurants e un lant de restaurante profitabil, vrea sa ia despagubiri serioase de pe spatele proprietarului, desi nu el, ci cei ce au fabricat sucul Lipton, adica proprietarii PEPSICO, ar trebui sa dea explicatii despre ce s-a intamplat. Detaliile si declaratiile partilor implicate le puteti citi pe Ziar de Cluj. A cerut un Lipton pentru sotia lui si Iar aici lucrurile devin demne de un film de groaza. Chelnerul i-a raspuns civilizat femeii ca sucul a fost livrat sigilat catre sotul ei, ca Marty vinde mii de produse de acest gen pe luna si, demonstrativ, s-a oferit sa guste si el din sticla folosind un pai.

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Since Marty Restaurants have been the favourite place of Cluj citizens when it comes to a relaxing meal with friends or family. The three Marty Restaurants locations are similar but at the same time very different, each of them suggesting an exclusive atmosphere and their own gastronomic secrets.

Starting from this idea of diversity within unity we have built the entire Marty concept which brings together tastes from all over the world in rich and unusual combinations. We lay a significant emphasis on quality and we are driven by passion. We prepare our own coffee and we invent new dishes weekly. Marty openly commits to treat every client with impeccable services and constant attention to details. We proudly and passionately respond to our clients and we invite them to taste whatever they wish from our menu which is cooked based on their likes.

We are welcoming, caring, reliable, energetic and always a good company. Marty has the courage to place quality and full satisfaction of clients before costs. Marty intends to serve outstanding dishes on a permanent and fair basis.



Ideal for business meetings. The first impression is that is not so crowded as the other Martys from the town. Parola wifi salatacaesar : enjoy quality wifi and maybe a great Caesar salad! Sojka Timea Agosto 9, Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes! Viorel Petrea Dezembro 22, The godfather

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Marty Society



Marty City


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