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Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog post! When we remodeled the space a few years back, it was originally designed with these cameras in mind.

The original intent was to provide some additional angles for videographers to use, but the idea never really took off. Due to lack of use, the cameras originally installed were re-purposed for Resurrection Online in the main sanctuary.

Things have come full circle now, and the ability to stream services and events from this space is being requested. As a result, we acquired some more cameras, and are in the process of updating the camera system in that room.

There were numerous difficulties with the cameras randomly freezing up and not responding to controls, requiring someone to get on a ladder and power-cycle the unit. This is where it got sticky.

We have an 8-conductor homerun cable from each camera position, but the Sony controller is designed to daisy-chain the VISCA ports. Fortunately, both RS and RS in this application only require four wires, so we can loop out and back on the same cable. RS also has the advantage of much longer signal path due to its balanced signal.

This cable also has eight conductors, making it ideal for the task. In terms of flexibility, RJ is king in the twisted-pair world, so I had do design a means of daisy-chaining my VISCA ports via ordinary patch cords.

At first, I was a little baffled by the wiring of VISCA, since the RM-BR connector pinout is exactly backwards from that of the one on the cameras, and the documentation provided is a little confusing. Fortunately, the Sony POSC was quick to help and they e-mailed me a wiring diagram for this specific application and were kind enough to allow me to post it.

I translated that into two main components, a breakout box and a standard cable, that would work on either the controller or the cameras. This is because I found out after much frustration of tracing signals that the patch cord I grabbed happened to be wired for A rather than the more common B. Simply swap orange and green if this is the case.

Note that they must be in sequence, or the whole chain will be broken if you skip a slot. Plug a camera into 1, it will be 1 on the controller after they self-enumerate on startup, in order of closest to farthest on the chain. Connecting a camera will cause the controller to re-initialize. Action Shot: I used a biscuit box, but you could also use a modular patch panel to do the same thing.

I hope to use a second category 6 run with an S-Video termination on it 2 pairs and power other 2 pairs so that the whole system can run off a standard 2-cable pull. Share this:.


Sony RM-BR300 CCTV camera remote control Specs & Prices



Sony RMBR300



Sony BRC 300P Camera System


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