Coming back to the book Shorish Kashmiri wrote, in it was an interview that Shorish claimed to have gotten from Maulana Azad in Since Maulana Azad had passed away by then, there was no way to confirm or deny this claim. Shorish claimed that the interview was taken around Fajr time over two weeks in Simla during the Cabinet Mission Plan negotiations. There are many gaping holes in the interview itself. At one point, Azad refers to several coups against civilian governments by military regimes in the Muslim world. Till , there had been no coup in any Muslim country.

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He is attached directly or indirectly with all these above-stated professions. But the field of journalism and literal activities made him unique. He has also been related to political affairs as an active political activist.

Early Career Agha Shorash Kashmiri started his very active political career in He delivered important speeches to influence the masses but one famous speech that is known as a historical speech given by him at the Shaheed Ghani Mosque Conference. But their violence took place at the conference that disappointed him. Political Life Shorash Kashmiri is also greatly impressed by Chaudhary Afzal Haq who was also significant political leaders of sub-continent.

He greatly worked for the collaboration of the Muslims of United India. He struggled hard for the Ahrar Party. He continued to struggle hard to involve himself in the political field. With the passage of time, he continued to boom up and became a well-known political personality in the sub-continent. Due to his devoted political practice, he elected as secretary general of All-India Majlis-e-Ahrar in His role was also important in Tehreek-e-Khatme Nabuwat in Compliment by Punjab Government Very recently in , the governor of Punjab Ch Sarwar while speaking in launching book ceremony in Lahore written by Agha Shorash Kashmiri explored that Kashmiri was a very active journalist.

This book wrote about the life of Agha Shorash Kashmiri. According to the governor of Punjab, the writers of today can get the lesson from the life of Kashmiri as a journalist who never gives before any oppression.


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