Last modified July 1, Alireza Khalafi is in charge of this page, akhalafi ece. Zain Navabi, navabi ece. Using this language for design, description and synthesis of hardware is emphasized. We will begin with a general overview of the language.

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Contact Book Chapter 1. Karimi and Z. Journal Articles 1. Karimi , A. Kanuparthi, X. Wang, O. Sinanoglu, and R. Kannan, N. Karimi , R. Karri, and O. Karimi , O. DeTrano, N. Karri, X. Guo, C. Carlet, and S. Guilley, "Exploiting small leakages in masks to turn a second-order attack into a first-order attack and improved rotating substitution box masking with linear code cosets," The Scientific World Journal, vol.

Karimi and K. Karimi , M. Maniatakos, C. Tirumurti, and Y. Maniatakos, A. Jas, C. Maniatakos, N. Karimi , C. Tirumurti, A. Jas, and Y. Alaghi, M. Sedghi, and Z. Conference Papers 1. Karimi , J. Danger, F. Guo, N. Karimi , F. Regazzoni, C. Jin, and R. Hardware-Oriented Security and Trust Symp.

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Gupta, and S. Patil, "Test generation for clock domain crossing faults in integrated circuits," Proc. DATE , , pp. Karimi , Z. Kong, K. Patil, "Testing of clock-domain crossing faults in multi-core system-on-chip," Proc.

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Test Conf. ITC , , pp. Sedghi, N. Karimi , and Z. Navabi, "NoC reconfiguration for utilizing the largest fault-free connected sub-structure," Proc. Karimi , Y. Makris, A. Jas, and C. Tirumurti, "Design and evaluation of a timestamp-based concurrent error detection method CED in a modern microprocessor controller," Proc. Fathy, and Z. Navabi, "Reliable NoC architecture utilizing a robust rerouting algorithm," Proc. EWDTS , , pp. Aminzadeh, S.

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Mirkhani, Z. Navabi, and F. Navabi, "A dynamic reconfiguration method for error recovery of RT level designs," Proc. East-West Design and Test Symp. Mirkhani, and Z. Karimi , P. Riahi, and Z. Navabi, "A survey of testability measurements at various abstraction levels," Proc. Riahi, Z. Navabi, N.

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VHDL: Modular Design and Synthesis of Cores and Systems, 3rd Edition



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